Thanks for Allah guiding and giving.
Sister Iman came form Singapore just visit Taiwan last Sep. 22th.
I met her in Taipei mosque with sister Hawa.
We went took some  beef flavour noodle and some Indian food.
So great I could see her again.She's nice people I met in Singapore.
As the same I miss there.But I love my country more than there.
Everytime I wish I could make more Islamic life in Taiwan.
Even I dream to build a Majid here if I have lots of money.
There's more converted muslim here I found.
Alhamdullilah~it's so great.
The people could know more true in the world.
When I fear something just pray from Allah.
I could feel the piece you didn't know.
When I afraid stay alone just pray from Allah.
I could feel more strong you didn't see.
I don't leave my family coz I love them.I still believe Allah will guide me a right to show them.
My grandma asked if I insist on marrying with a muslim.
Absolutely I need.I answered to her.I didn't look like other hypocritical person.
They say good in Islam.But they never follow all their obligation in Islam.
Never pray at right time.Even don't wanna pray.
Never learn sura of Qur'an.Even don't know what it is.
Last two week I went to Chungli mosque.I saw my friend call her students to pray Magrib.
If not she wanna call their mothers.So ridiculous.
The kids spent their time and got some classes in Mosque to learn how to read the sura of Qur'an.
But they wanna pray at right time.I still remenber the one of them said "I was busy you know."
Yes.It's a good excuse!!Maybe some day they will know what they lost in their true life.
But I still need to appreciate Allah guiding. The dream will be coming true.
Insha allah.
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