I still stay the sadness feeling about marriage of The sister in south of Taiwan.
Whatever she make the choice.I hope Allah will guide the a right way back to islam.
Some sister in Kaoshung called me  this evening we made a long talking about our future.
Special our own family we are the same as converted muslims.
All the difficult we suffered is so indescribable.Others will ask us keeping a good islam.
But they never care how hard for me.My family is not muslim's one.Even I told them how wonderful in islam.
They can't really feel that.But the only one I engrave in my heart is that my father hope me get my happiness life.
They try to accept my look, my behaviour.my talking.How different with them in the house is.
I forsake my best belief before.I don't want to lose that again.I need let my famaily admire all the true.
I could keep my islamic life in my village in my twonship in my country.
Who can push me forsake to islam again?Nobody ~Coz the enemy is me I always know.
Please say Bismillah what you do before.
Because I'll think about Islam first.
It's clear what I could do.
Insha allah~
Thanks Allaha guiding.
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