Thanks Allah guiding.
After my work I just came back to my house and pray Asr.
The same Du'a I made for her.I knew others told me Maybe it's her destiny.
She'll know what will happen in her poor life.
But I still need pray from you.Allah.I don't want to lose a Sister in islam.
I could understand how big of the difficult she met coz I'm the one of them.
I forsake my best love coz of my family before.
But I didn't consider serious what prophet Muhammad taugh me.
I'm sincere what the bst way I can stand with them.
I need let them I'm so happiness with islam in my life.
I remenbered my father insulted me last Chinese New year coz of my headscraf two years ago.
He was shouting to me if I insisted wearing my hijab.
He never cared my feeling even others just looked at us.
It's the worst happened in my life.
I chose resigning in GB and take a job in hospital of my village in June last year.
I hope my family could realize what I get from islam.
It's wonderful not sadness one they got the news from mass media.
Thanks Allah giving.They try to accept me.
I started to pray in my room even my two brothers know the time when the software,Athzan reciting.
My father won't give me any bad words with those islamic life I kept in the house.
Beside the hijab he insisted that I can't wear in front his sight.
He will change I knew.Just thanks Allah give a good life.
So that's why I beg to Allah could guide The sister and her husband to the right way.
They just lose way in the world.
Insha allah~Insha Allah. 
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