Khair and Muslim friends which one is better I can make a friend.

If I push them from our group.Maybe they will became a muslim someday.I could not refuse to make a friendship with them.Maybe our talking can transmit islam to them.That's true.I was a Khair before.How I can get more Islamic information.Just tramsmit by mulsim friends.Thanks for allah guiding.everybody could get some information from internet.But we must touch that with real people.Just like I said whatever it's good or bad.I have to accept it.I stood on the edge of them.I could know all the difficulty I suffered before.I confused my life what I really need.what my dream is.But now I have....

just fight for islam not a really fighting with somebody!!

I can take a hard job and save my money for islam.Make my wonderful heaven in Taiwan..I knew I can't be a good nurse.But I can be a woman with good heart.No bad words for others.....Insha allah!! I made a big mistake last two years ago.They try to  understand what happened to me and give me a chance.I have to treasure all their supporting.Pray and make more Du'a for them.They are all the good guy.Just no the right be a good muslim.They will be...I trust them.Everything just follow Allah guiding.


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