Today is my day off.It's so lucky got three days resting.
Somebody ask me bring her to look a sea.
Everything we plan properly.On this day she didn't call me to assure all the thing.
I already arrived in Chungli city.Even I went to Chungli mosque to wait for her coming.
She didn't come and make a calling to explain all the failure of this promise.
I don't understand what happened to her.Even I saw her father was in Mosque on that time.
He didn't tell me what's wrong with this plan.
Astafirullah~I couldn't know who she really is.
It's a matter of principle.
Have any change or problem you need to talk first.Not avoid someting knowingly.
So impoliteness.
I can't image the people study more Qur'an and hadith could do this like that.
It's a very basic morals under our mind.
I got so angry I waste lots of time.
I could be at my home early and listen more Sura of Qur'an or other books.
Ok~I need to forget all the embarrassed happended today.
And pray Allah SWT to guide me to a peace place.
What the Imam taugh me at Jumah?Don't say the bad words to others.
Need to pray and thanks allah giving more courage to face all difficult I met.
Not complain a piece of problem special it's coming Ramadan.
Do my obligation in Islam.That's the point I need to do now.
I am still clear-headed.Thanks Allah SWT.
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