Last night I felt so painful with my right ear.I can't understand why it happened again.
So I recheck my Chinese medical doctor this afternoon.
She found my blood stream is in disordered.
She gave me the same acupuncture and moxibustion therapy on my both ears and neck. 
I need to change my life.Stop taking a shower with cold water and took some fried foods.
Bismillah~I can do that.In fact I have to follow all treatment the doctor suggestted me.
Insha allah~
I can feel my hight pressure from my job and exam.
I fought with my younger brother last two day.Coz of bad temper.
On that night I didn't notice my younger brother put his Holy Bible behind the row of books.
I asked the real reason.He didn't answer me.I can't control my bad temper after his words.
It's resolved about all we argument.
Masha allah~    
Don't be afraid Lindhal.Just do your right in islam.
Whatever it's good or bad.Pray and make more Du'a.I can feel the piece after those doing.
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