The beauty of Islam.
How couldn't I know its wonderful?
I'm blind to its pretty being around my side.
What can I come back to my best love of Islam?
That's my sentiment when I left Islam before.
I had bitterly repented my folly.I repented my stupid decision last time.
Everything will be possible.
Just remenber doing your best and appreciate Allah SWT guiding.
Do sometime good in Islam not ask sometime good from Islam.
I found their different betweem the two thinking.
When did I grasp the point in Islam? 
I didn't know.I apprehended that Islam is the only one truth in the world.
But I have no standpoint to criticize others religion in the worlf.
Coz that's an unprofitable discussion to probe others truth in their belief.
In my mind I only know the last one I need choose is Islam.
Allahu Alkabar
Everything I knew and learn is the truth in this confusion world.
Say Bismillah beofre I do everythin.
Masha allah~I learn more islam here.
Insha allah ~I can creat more islamic life here.
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