HsinChu Garden street Night Market新竹觀光夜市(http://labor.hccg.gov.tw/market/index.htm)

Alhamdullilah~I can find more halal food in Taiwan.Last day I finished the Diabetes  lesson in Taipei.
When I check out the schedule of train  to Chunan there's a no available one I can take.
So I decided taking a near one to HsinChun.I culd take a dinner with my dear eldest brother.
When I arrived in HsinChu we plan to HsinChun Garden Street Night market to seek some delicious food.
When I saw this signboard I just waanna taste some different India food.
On that thime I wore my headscraf.At first I just order one Romali Roti.
The man asked me that am I a muslim?I said "yes"he told me the  drumstick is halal meat.
I felt so supprised the indian are muslims.So glad to see more islamic life developing in Taiwan.
At that time I order one Chicken Tandoori and one more Romali Roti.
I can share those with my eldest brother.
When we tasted that it's really tasty food we admired together.
So happiness I can know this real life around me.
Thanks for Allah guiding.
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