Happy Mother's day!

There's almost 12 year.When I reminisce my mother's face.I can feel what you always demand keeping our hard study and get a good achivement.Since you left us in 1997.Until now I can't adapt ur died.

I was dead beat after a day's work.Why I push me like that everyday. I thought if she didn't leave me I wouldn't be a muslim. I ponder what I can do for my life.Pray on time and make more Du'a.This is the first one I knew.I knew my islamic knowledge is too adequate to teach other people.So the only I can do is to pray on time and make more Du'a to everybody.I remenbered some sister talked me.Please pray for yourself first.The second is to your family.The last one just is for other people.You must follow the step in sequence.So pitty.My mother can't realize all the truth coz of her left.

When I reminisce her face.I need to appreciate what she taugh me everything.I can get a jjob because she demand my hard study before.

Say Bismilllah~she would know.Just do the best in my life.

Insha allah.

Wish every sister have a Happy mother's day.




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