When I worked in Wei Gong hospital I found my colleague are so proud of their job.But I didn't think so they are.Maybe my profession knowledge is not sufficient.At least I won't ignore my patient asking.They get sick so I knew what they really need.Is it not my job?When I saw some nurse and NP or doctor  talked to patient with impatient attitude do you think it's that profession?

When your family suicide you're hurry to hospital.But the NP told you it's not my case.I just a on duty doctor's assitant.I can't explain the condition of this patient to you now.What did she talk?Do you know?How cann't  you get mad with those profession NP?Curing patient disease or care patient needing wasn't important in the ward.They just want ti finish their job even me.I'm afraid I will became like that kind of the nurse I hate.

I hope I care those sick person with a good heart not a impatient attitude.When I worked in GB I have to care my some O.C.W. overnight in hospital.I could know their hard job.But now...I am the one with them.I would not consider thier hard job if I was the family of the patient.

Everything I work in hospital.NurLindhal..please consider the patient need not your need.Insha allah...Do my best job even you don't want to work in surgery ward.Just keep these good thinking to care those sick persons.It's the nursing they need in any hospital.Just pray and do your best.It's the one part of my life.

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