Thanks for allah guiding.Everyday I would say that for myself.Everydau I orayfor everybody I met.I knew I am not a best one.But I could be the one they really needed.How could I change myself so fast.Maybe it's my mind changing.If I can't adapt myself to those suffered in the sugery ward I would get crazy after few monthes.

This morning I wake up so early.It is 04.00am I checked my clock.I thought my clock doesn't keep the good time.Actually it wan't.In fact I woke up at 04.00am I didn't know what I am worry about.Maybe I goty some depression with my job.When I tried to make me more clear I said"Bismillah"again.It is not the first time I woke up so early without any reason.I asked myself what kind of wonderful life I need.

Only one I knew.Stay in islam and follow all the guiding from Allah.

This is the lastest one I seek.Whatever I get and apprehend now I only know what I am.A converted muslim is.Creat more islamic life in my village is my dream.

Insha allah.......Bismillah.

Somtimes I reminisce what happened before.I know it's my past.I could not regret all the mistake I did before.I have to break away this miserable condition.All the person I met are not malevolent people.they let me know what the real is in this world.I have to aprreciated they  gave me more endurance.I could know what the real happening in hosiptal.

Thanks allah guiding.I knew it's my great path you guid me.

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