How do I face my life now?I need to work hard because I didn't like my job. I visited my grandma last night.She advised me to make my good life.So ridiculous!I don't know to creat a good life.How can I get a wonderful life?I try to fix my problem and make more islamic thing in my life.Sometimes I rather find a easy job liek assitant in office.I could release my high prssure in hospital.I always focus my tragic suffered in Wei Gong hospital.But I didn't think about others feeling.I am so selfish. ?Maybe my colleagues are not miserable.I have to strongly urge myself to study more and hard.So that's why I won't get afraid coz of my ignorant.

我現在要如何面對我的生活,我需要努力辛苦的工作.因為我不喜歡我的工作.昨天我去了一趟外婆家,她勸告我要為自己生活著想.真是可笑!我根本不知如何創造好生活,我要如何得到完美的生活!試著解瘸我的問題及創造伊斯蘭的事務在我的生活裡.有時,我寧可做一 個辦公室的助理,我可以釋放硰的醫院工作壓力.我總是專注於我再為公醫院遇到的遭遇.我沒有想到他人感受.我很自私.也許我的同事並不是那麼討厭.我必須鞭策自己努力多讀書.那麼~我就不會因無知而感到害怕.

Everyday I meet the difficult problem with my job.When I resolved those problem I could know how to do my good job.Just repeat all what I did and reminisce what problem I suffer.Thats' good experience I gain in hospital.I worked in this hospital almost half year.So tired~

My family always encourage me to fight for my job.I can do that.They trust me.It is a huge power to help me stand on this right side.Everyday  I have to pray for everyone I met.They are so kind to teach me more in nursing.

Thanks for allah guiding.

Just say Bismillah when you do everything.


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