Assalamu a'alaikum
When I was a student I hope finishing all study soon.
When I started to work I hope earning large money soon.
When I converted to muslim I hope fulfilling all my responsibilities soon.
I always expect accomplishing all what I need to do in my life ASAP.
Lindhal~Do you think your happiness as same as your hoping?
It's impossible.I rather find a believer to marry.
My grandma always ask me if I really wanna marry a muslim.
"Of course"I said.
Who can lead me to accomplish my responsiblities in Islam?
A prender or a believer?
Only a believer......
Still wait for my love coming.Keep doing my right in life.
Dream to make my own family in my village.
I love my family even I hope my husband could stay with them.
Making more Islamic life in my village.They could know more true about Islam.
Still wait for my love coming.
I trust him being a real believer not a prender.
Whatever he is poor or rich.I'll do my best to be his wife.
Keep waiting your promise will be coming true.
Still remenber what we afraid.
But we still keep walking toward our dreaming future.
Insha allah
What I could say!
Please let me keep my pray and waiting for another one month.
Thanks for Allah SWT guiding and giving.
Wa'alaikum salam   
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  • Lattefa
  • Assalaamu aleykum,
    Please be sure that beautiful dream can be truth, just keep making du'ua to Allah always.