I conveted to Islam in 2003.
It's hard tiem to make this choice.What the real reason push me into the religion.
It's not the important anymore.Let long and sad bygones are begones.
My father and eldest brother are Buddhism.The younger one is Christian.
So special happened in  my family.
But we try to accept our different belief each other.In fact we discuss a lot of time.
My dressing my look I keep,the dogma and tenet younger brother insist on are all our different between my family.
When I decided to come back to my village and work in hospital near my house.
I already know what it would happen.Still remenber to keep my good and create Islam more here.
Now I live with my father.He is 56 years old keeping working in CPDC.
He already worked ther over 30 years.But he don't wanna retire beofore 65 years old.
He knows he would feel boring without any job.
His children were not his kids anymore.
That's our fear happening to older people.
I remenbered what he said last two year ago.
Why nobody want to stay at home.
We three know why it seen like that.
We just keep walking toward our coveted life.
The eldest brother still keep sudying with his PhD. degree.
The younger one try to get the balance between his job and religion.
And me I try to create more Islamic life in my village.
I love my family.I don't wannna say a good word about Islam.
Just let them look at me.My life like a TV show.
It's impossible all happiness you could get if you convert to Islam.
Something is good.Something is bad.That's a test Allah gave me.
Nobody said you could get all what you like from Allah.
I still believe the one is what I could do for Allah.
Prophet Muhammad said do the best of your ability.
Only one I could say "Allahu Alkar".Even they don't understand.
Today my younger brother asked me if I believe Jesus.
I said I knew him who is a prophet as same as Prophet Muhammad.
He asked me again the same question.
I answered him only one I believe it's Allah SWT.
But he didn't say anything after my words.
It's different with our two mind.
He still get some classes to teach others how's good with Christ.   
When I ask him all what is the dogma and tenet you learn from Christ.
He just tell me the words I could see from the books.
I don't wanna destroy his daydream.Coz it is not the first time I met.
Whatever it's good or bad I knew it's a real life I want.Even my family.
Just say Bismillah~Allah will guide me a best way to let them know.
Insha allah.
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