When I woke up  in the morning keep doing my daily routine.
Pray Faji and hope this morning is an new start.
After my obligation in islam I'd take some vitamin and drink some chocolate milk.
Thinking what I need to prepare this morning.
Today is Augest 8th.It's Father's day.
Everybody will celebrate and take a lot of delicious food.
Even my family is the same with others.Beside my younger.He didn't come back and join with us.
Coz of the Typhoon,Morakot coming.
But I think Islam attach important to our mother.
The prophet taugh us Mother is most important we need esteem to.
Now I still live my famliy.They're not Muslim.
They try to respect my religion and life.But not all.
I'm scared what will happen to me if I live at home.
So rediculous.It's my house.
That's true.My Khair father affectted not to see what I do.
Watch my face and dress,doing.They still query all the true they saw.
I pray in my room and listen the Sura reciting of Qur'an.
Special Athan recitor alarm my father always try to turn off all the voice.
Insha allah.I could understand what they're afraid.
When the sound of reciting it'll be touch your deep heart.
When you know what they said you could feel what the heaven is.
Say Bismillilah.They'll understand all.
You could see more islamic life growing in Taiwan.
Mash allah~All muslim keep working hard for us.
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