What do I miss?What do I love?
So vague.
Maybe it's Islam.So blurred I can't  make sure.
Last day I made a big mistake in hospital.I tried to make me calming down at the time.
The first one I think it's my turn to quit my job/
The job didn't be suitable to me.
Astafirullilah~Nobody could help me release all my high pressure.
What happened to me?
I had worked for five years.I can't find the same feeling since I graduated.
Last March, 2008 I decided to work in hospital.The nightmare was starting at that time.
Everyday I pray and appreciate Allah giving a glld life.
Have a job and live with my family.
Masha allah.
Everytime I got confused all the difficult happened to me.
I can't stop my fearfulness with those accident.
Last two day I told to myself.Maybe I need to stay alone.
No need to think about my future life.I didnt need that.
So tired to live here.
That's my fault with those sadness thinking.
I need to pray more and get more peace in my deep mind.
Just keep my hard job.I love my life.
Please make more Islamic life and keep my belief.
Thanks Allah guiding.
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