Last few weeks ago I saw the newscaster said the Buddhist in south of Taiwan will borrow money from their God.
They called the money is "Sheng Min Jing".Special you want to make more money you need to do that.
Some of the Buddhist said if you wanna make more money you need donate first.
Wow~so magical.
In islam muslim need donate 2.5% of their earning.
It mean if I earn 30,000NT each month I must donate 9,000NT one year.
It look like not so hard to me.If I economize by drinking sofe drink instead of drinking water.
Everyday I spend 40NT for soft drink.Every month I spend 1200NT for those soft drink.
Every year I spend 14400NT for those soft drink.
Astafirullilah~I can't believe that after my counting.I can donate it for my Zakat one year.
Thanks Allah guiding.I need do that now and forever.
Save more money for Zakat.I can make more happiness life for islam.
I remenbered the Imam of Long Gung Masjid taugh me at Jumat in June 5th.
Wat a story told us Allah will give you what you pray.
But you need repay waht you gain.It's not all your saving.Just 2.5% only.
It's correct I need to say.
How mamy of the people realize what the true in Zakat?
I still remenber another case in Taiwan.A poor older donated 2000,000NT(two million) for
establishing a school.He rather spend all his saving for this dream.How many years he spend and
save his money in his whole life.What a sadnees I saw this news.
You can't believe what his job is.Not a director,not a operator not an official.
Just a sanitation worker in recycling.The repoter tried to ask what his thinking.
He said my dream is establishing a school for those children in this area.
The people is not a muslim.But he knows what he need to do for those children.
I can't criticize what belief he had.But I knew what his story inspired me to do the right in islam.
Insha allah~Do the right for islam is my obligation.
Thanks Allah guiding.
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