Alahu Akarba~
Plaese help The Sister in south of Taiwan.
I knew being a converted muslim wannna find a good husband in Taiwan is so difficult.
Some of converted muslim chose married with foreign one.
Some of converted muslim return to Khair's life or only keep the belief in her own mind.
The Sister in south of Taiwan will be engaged on Auguest and marriage on September.
I am sincere to pray for her.
Please let her and her husband keep a good belief in islam.
Yes,I need admire her husband is not a muslim now.
But I trust The sister will guide him to a right way.
Don't give them with those miseries even they stand on wrong way now.
They need your love and forgiven.
Insha allah~
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  • mazengsa
  • Assalamu Alikum

    Dear All,
    It is not allowed in Islam for a lady to marry a person that is not Muslim. 
    We will pray for better Future for this Lady.. 
    In my Opinion.. this marriage should dont established.. Muslims youngmen are many and are signle too
    Do you think that Children will be Muslims coming form this marriage?