Thanks Allah guiding.
The best one I can felt so happiness is praying in my house.
Actually I have to say it's my father's house.My father still allow me to live the house.
I am 27 years old.It's the time to get married and make my own family.
But I'm still waiting some good guy appearing in my life.
When I fear all the truth I need to face just go to pray.
Remenber the first sura of Qur'an Fatimah reciting I can know all my fear will be banished from my thought.
It's the piece you can feel if you really know the best in islam.
The principle in islam prophet Muhammad taught us.Allah wanna give a test at eveytime in our life.
Whatrver it's good or bad we need to accept it.
All we suffer is a giving from Allah.
Who is my Ummah>Who can lead me to the heaven?
Don't query everything we do in our finite life.
That's most important what obligation we need to do.
Say Bismillah before we do everything.
I'm still learning more knowledge in islam.
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