Do you dream you could find your Mr. Right?

Do you know how to seek out your Mr. Right?

I didn't know if I could find him.What looks  of  my Mr.right do I like?A taller and stronger one you think.Or maybe a fatty one I like.Whatever the man I choose the only one I have to request him to do.Be a  good muslim and teach me more islam.That's the best I need.Maybe we couldn't be an affluent one.But we can be affluent in islam knowledge.

When I felt sad my husband could accompany and console me with soft words.Even I'd do the same to him.We could solve and suffer through all the difficult together.It's not perfect if I still was spouseless in my life.Even I spent all my life  I'd seek out my Mr. Right.

Just say Bismillliah before I do everything.

Insha allah.Allah will giuide me a right way.

My best life will be come true.

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