Islam or muslim is an appellation the people called me.When I know this religion it was five years ago.I didn't realize all the enviroment of islam in Taiwan.I got misunderstand.How long I spend to understand what the reality of islam is.It is wonderful life I never see.

I didn't said the place is an undeveloped islam.There're six majid here.Until now I visited four only.Sometimes I think it's not convenient about the trafic to those majid.It's not near main train station or mass rapid transit.I always search the map from internet.Every time I go to Chungli and Taichung mosque I have to change buses.Almost spend a lot of time  for waiting the bus.I have a dream.If I decide to buy my own house.I will build the complex like a mosque and apartment building behind train station. Insh Allah.Keep my hard job and save more money.I can feel fulled more energy for this goal.

When I review islam school,Madrasah Al-irsyad Al-islamiah in Singapore.I yearn toward this enviroment to be developed in Taiwan.The scool didn't only teach your all the chapter of Qur'an in classes.In our life we have to learn more knowledge like science and  human quality.The belief is in my life not a religion you see only.Everything prophet Muhammad told us is teaching how to have a good life too.I firmly believe I can hold my perfect life with islam.Like local culture you can find here.Whenever you work you can fell free.No society impression could reflect discredit on your wearing a headscraf(hijad) and long gown.

Please read this news you could know what is happeneing in Taiwan.If you think it's a life you won't do that such same to me.

Call for hijab ban sparks community outrage

Posted Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:27pm AEDT
Updated Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:19pm AEDT

The Retailers Association said the ban would improve security and reduce shoplifting. (Getty Images: Darren McCollester, file photo)

The Islamic Council of Queensland says calls to ban hijabs in shops and banks are biggoted and ignorant.

The debate was triggered when a Brisbane commercial radio presenter said on-air that birkas and bike helmets should be banned in banks and post offices.

The executive director of the Queensland-based Retailers Association backed the call, saying the ban would improve security and reduce shoplifting.

But Suliman Sabdia from the Islamic Council of Queensland says the cultural dress does not cause security problems and the comments are uneducated.

"[They are] not helpful at all; very, very sad," he said.

"I think there's a strong case for bigotry here, ignorance too, yes, certainly ignorance."

Queensland's Acting Premier Paul Lucas says the radio station should have considered how the comments would be received.

"That is something that we always need to be careful about - what we can say can be hurtful to people," he said.

Richard Evans from the Australian Retailers Association, a national organisation, says anyone who supports the comments should apologise.

"To suggest that their cultural costumes are not appropriate in retail outlets in Australia is subliminal xenophobia," he said.

"I'm calling on anyone who thinks this is a respectable debate to rethink their position.

"And for those that are making comments that we should be banning these cultural and custom outfits, they should be apologising to not only those people that wear them but all of Australians."

Australia's broadcasting regulator, the ACMA, says it  

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