When I thought a lot about my mate in future I felt so disquieted.Whatever he is rich or poor.I fear I can't be a good wife.So difficult I face my husband.Even we can talk a lot about happiness life in future.All the difficult he and I have to fight for together.I am not alone anymore.I always talk to myself those words.

I pray that he can graduate smoothly and apply the visa successfully.Everything I start to worry about.But it's not useful.Lindhal~you need to pray and make more Du'a.Keep going with  your islamic life even you can't stay with him.That's good answer and suggestion you really need.Remenber what you said.Whatever it's good or bad I still thanks for Allah guiding.When I consider more the reality all is getting becaming more difficult.Only two things I can do.Read the Qur'anand pray on the right time.

Lindhal~Just say Bismillah before you do everything.Everything is a test from Allah.

Insha allah

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