What is  the most important I need to do everyday?I thought it's writing my blog and read the news.Otherwise pray at the right time.That's good feeling I like.I could thanks for Allah guiding and giving.The sweet and nice one is gave by Allah.Hold lots of   gratitude to islam.

How could I forsake this such best belief in my life?Cherishing the love to create more good islamic enviroment in Taiwan is my dream.Certainly my wonderful dream is to build a majid behind Chunan train station.A stately and dignified mosque is stood at the noticeable place that everybody can see.Let them realize my belief is not the wrost one they knew from then mass media.

Yesterday I invited my friend from Singapore to taste some Halal East Turkistan(datepalm:http://www.wretch.cc/blog/datepalm)  food in Chungli city. That's grand.I can make more to know those dilicious foods.I can know it's full of love in the world.More sweety things I can find around the world.

Say Bismillah before I do everything.Do your right in the world.That's the best for islam.


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