Happiness life is the most important everyone seek.How could I know the right time gaining my best life?No time limited.I still have to wait for my Mr. right.But I appreciated Allah guiding me to islam.That's the best I knew.Maybe it's not perfect that I didn't make my own family.Sometimes I think I could live alone.I have a job.Have enough money to buy the food.I won't tremble for my future.Actually it's not allow in human society.Nobody can't live in solitude.

I look so restless with anxiety.I couldn't subside my emotion.I saw a doctor before.He said I am too nervous about my unknown future.That's true.I always want to know and assure what will happen next second.Maybe I expect the remarkable achievement in my life.Like a movie~Wow!Rewind anytime if I like.Huh.It's so ridiculous with my thinking.Featureless background of the family I had.My features is not pretty.I don't know what I really need in my life.The need is not necessary for everybody.

I am a mortal.When I confused all my doing I would pray and talk with Allah.Thanks for Allah guiding.Ir is the only one I could do.Don't ask the reason.It's a test. No need to find every answer in your query.Because I am the only one to make those unnecessary questions.Everyday I talk to myself.Don't wait for others people give your want.If you have good ability you must support the people reaaly need the help.Until now I start to realize the  significance of the life.Enjoying my life and creating more islamic living must be most important than trembling the difficult didn't happen.

Relax~Lindhal.Just say Bismillah before you do everything.It's my life.Whatever it's good or bad.I still thanks for allah giving.Masha allah.


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