Alhaduliliah~I could know more muslim friends in Taiwan,the wonderful country I lived.Today I have to thanks for Sister Reham talked to me some good sentences she read first.After her talking I thought a lot of changing in my life.Forgive my last and look ahead my future.

When I reminisced all I suffeed.Some was good.Some was sad.But all I met I have to appreciate Allah SWT guiding.Those were trials Allah gave me.In the past Sister Lattefa.Maryem.Huda all people from Long Gong Mosque help me  tide over all the difficults even I try to give up my belief,islam.They make me gain more courage to fight for my life. I couldn't forget all their kind.

Last Sunday I went to Taichung mosque and attend the Halal food festival.I could feel all the people try to create more good life to each other.When we taste delicious foods I can feel the happiness there.The happiness was not the money or the rich I said.It's about islamic life I saw and felt at that time.I was grateful to Sister Hawa and all volunteer of this party doing.They let everybody there could take a lot tasty foods and know each other.I wouldn't feel alone anymore. 

Before I made this blog I can't understand why there're fess muslims in Taiwan.Maybe less than five percent.But now I have to apologize all above I said. The amount is getting incresing.More and more converted one and immigrants I knew lived in Taiwan.They keep their original belief in their life and support others need the help in islam.Everything I can't say all the detail about that.It's too much I saw to make into a list. 

Alhamdulliah~all is Allah giving.I knew islam is not a religion only.It's my life.Whatever I do just think about Allah guiding and prophet Mohammad teaching.It will be others' whole world.

Insha allah.Before I do everything.Just say Bismillah.

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