Everyday I dream I looked so special.Not prtty but had a extraordinary life.

So ridiculous.

    I am not.I'm just an ordinary people and living featuerless life.My father remind me to reminisce all the truth I haae to face.Work hard everyday and save my money I earned to gain more happiness life.That's the most important to me now.Yes.I admired what he said.Not expect more what I want to do.Just keep living a featureless life.When I am getting  old I will know that's the best to me.Before I always complain about my job.Now I already adapt it into my life.However I did Allah is always around me.Allah guide me to a right place.I could feel the pecse where I stay.

    Now I have to appreciate Sister lattefa what she left me a shaping clock like a mosque.It could be announced everyday at the pray time.That's great I know it's time to pray.I won't forget every time to pray.If I try to face any truth in my life I won't be scarted without muslim's friends company.But I still miss them in Chungli city where I had for four years.Someday they will come and live with me.I have to work hard and create a wonderful islamic life in my village.

Thanks for allah guiding.Insha allah I will keep going on my right way.




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