What!Muslim..a muslim are you?Who could believe I converted to muslim in 2005?I want to be a good muslim.Finish those obligation what I have to do in islam.Do you query all the things why you need to do.I had been before.My family asked me before.What the real reason result me to became a muslim?The Khair said"even I didn't pray everyday.I didn't stop to drink the wine and prohibit to eat the favorite food.like pork or dead animal meat.I still be here"I am not kidding.All these question I have been asked by Khair.How could I explain to them?Maybe I could say all the teaching that allah guiding.Who could trust you?They would say "I still be here.Yup?"What is the future world?Do you see that before?"

    No fighting no discussion that kind of the future I want. I am a simple person.I need a job and earn my money for saving.My dream is building my own house.It could be like a small mosque.Like a apartment.My mulsim friends could live together.We just have our own place to pray and work.We won't be worry to lose our job and couldn't support our family.

    My khair friend think it's a daydream.I can't touch it.I won't give up my wonderful dream in my life.Nobody can understand if you have no your homeland.What would happen to me?I would feel it's not a good life I stay.I sought a muslim enviroment and life before.Not like middle east.No war I want to see.What a  Jihad I have to realize.No way!No need.NurLindhal~you job ,your obligation is reaching your goal in Chunan.My dream house is builing in my heart.When you could touch it it means I could make it coming true.

      What my stage is in islam.A dreamer?Maybe they would think I was.My grandma said why I have to conver to muslim.What happened to me?I answer her it's my destiny you couldn't change.Just like my younger brother is a Christian.Why?Who guide me to a right place?Allah would show all the world.Sometimes I won't discuss with my Khair friends about my religion.Because it's not useful.No meaning!If you want to let them know it's a good belief just seek your dream and build my dream house.

Say bismillah before what I do.Thanks for Allah guiding.


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