This afternoon I went to surgery dept. because I make some nursing teaching about total hip replacement.I just arrange some simple information and pictures prepareing for this nursing teaching.It let me reminisce the working experience in LinShin hospiatal.What we nurse could do for those patient and their family.Beside the medicine we gave and sone injection the most one is nursing teaching.That could be revealed our important in medical field.The experience is not special to me.I have a lot of experience like that at my the first work.The different is the people they are  not  Taiwanesea.Almost foreign workers are.But the point we want to convey is the same.

If I only care six to eight persons at my work everyday I rather spent most of my time to teach those patient how to care their health like what I did at my first jod.That's my favorite at the part of my job.In fact it never happend here.Why?Everybody knows what quility of medical in this such hospital.I have to care 10-11 persons everyday.How could I do those good nursing teaching for them?The patient and their family always complain I speak too fast like a machine gun.da.da.da.da.....

It always happens at each hospital in Taiwan.What we need in hospital.A good curing and caring both are.But the first one doing is more than second one.Why?We know the true.The nurse always follow the order by the doctor.Why does the most nurses would choose work oversea?High salary and good quility of medical they could gain.Who wanted to lost this change in thier life.If I was them with a good language ability and more profession skill.I would search a good job oversea not here.Everything what I do I have to consider more.

I just a nurse.I only want to do my job.No need to complain more this such situation.Because it's still my country.

Ameen...I knew someday it will be chnaged.

Insha allah....Say Bismillah before I do everything.

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