When I off duty I just went home and open my desk computer.Starting writing my blog reading some book and making some talking with some foreign and local friends are what I have to do everday.Sometimes I would visit my grandma.We would talk a lot about my future.It look like a peace island I live.I could live in my small township.If I want to buy some cheap grocery i could go to RT mart in HsinChu city. Everything is so convenient I could find in this island.

   When I watch some programe they play the life of some remote districts in the world.Suddently I felt guilty.Why?I look so happiness now.On that time I pray please Allah would gave my Sawah to those peple need the help.I asked my father why my life was so commonplace.My father just laught at me.He asked me what kind of life you seek.I didn't say anything.Because I didn't know what such question I asked him.So funny.A commonplace life and featureless place! It's not a joke.It's too horrible what I thaught.It meant I felt nothing happening in my life.I have to consult some professional.Is it?

    No.NurLindhal you can hold a plentiful life.Remenber what Allah require you have to do.Read more Qur'an and pray five time a day.I knew it's my obligation in islam.I had no complain.I love to do that.But I just hate the time is not enough.I like to read more book about islam not my nursing book.Maybe I have to get some balence.It's my plentiful  life not a commonplace one.Tiawan is a pretty place.There're a lot wonderful place I don't know.

Thanks allah guiding.I will follow what you lead.

Say Bismillah before I do anything.

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