How many time do I seek fo a mulism family?It mean I admire islam is the one part of my life.Like what I said beofe the trouble making by human not the religion.The belief in islam is good no query at that.But I already converted muslim I have to follow what I promised to Allah.It's a task I seek in my life.There's three religion in my family.It's Buddhism,Chris and islam.So amazing!yup!

Allah won't grant me a privilege without any doing for islam.And me didn't request any privilege from Allah too.I just need to createmore islamic life in Taiwan.There's no reason that a small island was not spread  those islamic seed here.It's a drudgery everybody knows.But who wants to do first?It 's prone to disappearance in a huge,fill of Buddhism enviroment.Sometimes I could realize why most of converted muslim choose to  leave islam away.Nobody could stand for their side.The live in Khair family.If they couldn't convince thier family converting to muslim.Whereas their family will do the same to him or her.How could they endure those pressure

.Like me I have abide all malevolent words by my co-workers and some arrogant NP.When I' back home I must accept no islam living.You see how large of burgen we have to sustain?When I knew somebody culdn't follow Allah guiding I just pray to them.They need more encouragement from us.I can't leave them alone.Let them go astray.

It said"O humanity;fear you Loard,Who created you from a single soul,and from it created its spouse,and from the two of them did spread forth a multitide of men and wormen.'(4:1)'We created you from a single pair of male and female(49;13see also 35:11)So it's a sure sign we have to find a soulmate.It's half of our life by their said.It could effect us to stand on right way in islam.They said'one of the benefits of marriage is the enjoyment of company and the sight of one's spouse,and by shared amusement.whereby the heart is refreshed and strengthened for worship.'All the fundamental we could see have two item.One is the five thing we have to do everday another is marrage.That's a complete islam life.

Thanks for allah guiding.I will pray for everydoby to gain thier own happiness.

And me..whatever it's good or bad.I have to follow allah's guiding.

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