Before I do everything please say Bismillah first.It could make me feel good.When others try to attack you with some malevolent words.Just say Astafillrullah.What those Khair did you must try to realize why the real reason is.NurLindhal  you couldn't get mad always.Try to control your bad temper.

Everyday I have to gave me a strong plain relieve shot special those people say some malevolent words to me again.This afternoon I thought they just want to see me to suicide or some doing they like.I don't understand  why they love to do that.They did't consider the any results coz of those malevolent words.How many those new comers choose to resign because those arrogant NP and colleagues.When I worked at 9F there're four new comper quitted.But who would care this condition happening at surgery department?Nobody care.The head nurse just push human resource dept. to get more interview and support more manpower.So ridiculous with those funny doing.Why didn't they introspect themself?I remenbered one of my colleague just transferred to Gynecology dept. last four monthes.She thought it's unfair she gained in this dept..How about do other people work in surgery dept.?Even my leader want to transfer other dept.But the head nurse didn't allow.

When I finished my job I just tell my father what they said.You know I found my father like a lecture.He wanted me to realize what people I met.All Hakkanese in Taofen towship have no good heart.No good heart....I don't think so.Maybe they didn't have a good belief in thier life.They just took some joss stick ,pray to  their god and ask some shelter.I knew the people just do what theor ancient taught.But how can I know my ancient's religion is Buddhism?In Buddhhism belief they talked about live and dead transmigration.So maybe my previous life was not Buddhist.Now I am a converted muslim.It's pleasure to pray with my muslim friends.Everyday I hope my family could understand all the good in islam not me to push them even my friend and co-workers.

Everyday I follow all my obligation what Allah request.I always talked to myself don't ask any good from allah.I have to do for allah.It let me know what I need in my life.Just thanks for allah guiding whatever it's good or bad.

Masha allah....

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