My father told me our house was built for 16 years ago since I was 10 years old.I try to reminisce what I suffered before.It is a long time I don't search the "history" of my house.After 912 was a horrifying earthquake happened in Taiwan in 1999 my wall of family's house appeared a lot of rifts.On that time I was studying nursing school in Linkou.After 10 years I went back to my house and slept on my own room.Sometime it had heavy raining the ceiling of my room will  be leaking.It's so sad.I never think if I wanna fix that because it was not happening always.

I knew it's my responsibility now not may father.I already get a job.So I have to rebuild my family house.But my father hope it was not the right time to rebuild it.Maybe he will wait for my brother married.It's different meaning in tranditional culture.The older will ask the eldest son rebuild their house.It can  be signified their success with their job.But I don't think so.When I converted muslim I still bought a lot of goods to my father.Computer,television all I could pay.In my mind I just think it's my house with those sweet family.I never think I can gain something from my father special the money or some rich.It's impossible.I have to appreciate my father support me a good life.I didn't worry about my student loan because he never allow me to do that.When I graduated from nursing school I just spent all I earned.I never think about my saving.After 5 years I just  realize my consumption stlye was so worst.I have to change.

Now I rather spend the money to my family and consider more if it is necessary I have to buy. When I get old I just realize why my father caught his money.In fact he try to protect alll my fanily and provide a good life to us.Now I could be the one with him.I spent a little for my family and save my own money for my dream.A blue mosque in Chunan even it is not big.Just a place you can pray.a place you can find the halal food to eat.

Insha allah.It will be coming true.

My love...Bisminllah

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