When I saw those pictures I own It's so sorrowful I felt.All my reminiscence last three ago still afflict me.I can't run away those miserable pass event.I expect I could stay in islam but I can't get the happiness life.Sometimes I queried myself what happening to me.Just a happiness islamic life why I can't own.How can I complain this in my life?I need to introspect all the mistake I made everyday.I knew I am not happy.Why I look like so sad.I could be a well-being woman coz of my relive.

It's my reminiscence in my life.Whatever it's good or bad.I have to accept it.Maybe other people would think I lwas so depressed when they know what thinking I had.Everytimes I think I can hold my happiness if I can recite more Sura of Qur'an and make more Du'a.Is that true?I believe others muslims will argree that absolutely.So ..If I don't do that it means I am not a good muslim..


Islam was one part of my life.It means I have no choice.I can't do other things beside those five necessary work we have to do.When I say those words here I knew I will be reproached by other muslim.Everyday I try to introspect what I talked.I don't want to challenge islam religious doctrines.It was not working.They will criticize me didn't have a good behaviour.What behaviour I have to own.Do something wrong and pray more to regret what they did.

So ridiculous.Astafillullah~

I know I am muslim now.That's enough.No need to prove anything to others.I am happiness now.I could stay with my family.And let them know what I gain in islam.The religion is good.The problem is made from mankind.Just pray for everyone.Recite all Sura of Qur'an,pray five times a day,fasting in Ramandan,donate some money you earned  and the last one is pilgrimage once in my life.

Insha allah......Before I do everything just say Bismillah.



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