When I saw the teller in the bank they will let  me reminisce my mother.She is a treasurer in a factory.At that time I didn't think about my jon in future would be a nurse.I thought I would be like my mother to be a office assitant or accountant.I could study computer science ot acounting.Even my aunt was a acountant.But it was not.When she died I lost the power.I don't what I can do.Suddently I knew she told me if I can't study hard.Just go to a nursing school.I won't  get unemployed after few years.

Those words keep working until now.When I quit my jon in Golden brother.I still keep my nurse credential.I have a nure license.It was proved what my mother's intention is.I appreciate her guiding a right way.I won't be worry to lose my on this economical recession beside what I can't do my best in hospital.

What kind of pickles dp you like?Like this sucj issue my colleagues always talk at their free time.Everyday they talk about their husband and children.Like a "Normal" Taiwanese people.Maybe I am not.I always think about my religion and islamic life in Chunan village.I didn't  do any missionary work in my village.They didn't understand what it is.If I could do that I will build a pretty Mosque in Chunan first.Like a boarding house.I could show them who I am.What true you can find and gain in Islam not push them like a judge.At the right time let them know the right way to live with.That's the best guiding I could show them.

Insha allah.It's my dream.

It will be..It will be ....


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