Marriage is the best life everybody love.But the worst one is the person you like misunderstood you would get married with other guy.And  give his best regard to you.So sad.How can I esplain to him?I try to  give him a hint hoping his realizing.But it fair.He can't get my words.Maybe he knows what I said.But he try to avoid this sensitive issue.But he keept talking those misunderstanding.What I can return any response.

Like I said before.I have to do someting to Allah not ask from Allah.Any happiness is made by yourself  because of this religion spirit.I believe I can hold my own one.The first what I must do is being a good muslim.Pray five time a day and read more Sura of Qur'an.Make more Du'a for everybody include those Khair.They will appreciate those pith of islam.

I am not a savant in islam.But I know Allah is the only one god creating this pretty world to me.Everything happening on me  I still have to keep going on this right way.When I pray I just talk to myself.It is the best life I own now.Live with my family and let them know what good in islam.NurLindhal....relive in 2009.Remenber your obligation in the world.

Whatever it's good or bad you gain just thanks for Allah guiding.Ameen.

Masha allah.

Before you do anything just say Bismillah.

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