They told me you could pray from allah.Allah will give you the best life.But I have another new thinking.Just do something good in islam.Do something good for allah.Not ask allah to give me the best life.I knew who I am.Why I am here in islam.Everyday I pray.It's for everyone I met, I knew.Not for me.

They said when you pray you would gain more Sawah.I think it's great like Buddhist.I rather transfer to other people they need.I hope my family could know more I gain from islam.I don't want to discuss any belief with them.Why I don't do that?Because I just show it and let them see what I gained. That's the best way we could stay on the same boat.

Who I love?I didn't know.How could I pray from Allah to give me a good husband or boyfriend?I didn't expect it.It not mean I don't trust Allah.I believe Allah will guide me and show me where I could go.Whatever I said I just hope everyone I met I knew is happiness.

That's for Allsh guiding.Just keep my hard for Allah.I will follow you.

Insha allah.

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