My grandma  urged me to get married early I never reminisce what happened three years ago when she push me like that.I still remenber what I compain tearfully to the ex-chairman what happening on my side.They tried to advised me to give all I asked.They knew it's not good to me.That's true I find it now.

How long I can breakj out this nightmare in my life?I never think about that.I knew my fortune like a fragile mirror.Look at my aged face.I don't know how to make me get younger.Smile everyday.A little hard.Take a hard job now.Because of high pressure I kept in hospital even it's not my mistake my colleagues still would  blame on me.So horrible with them.Reminiscence all my love before.Why my like was so miserable.

Just pray !I knew Allah will know that.Allah will guiding me to a right way.

only one I could know.I wanna be a good muslim.I can hold my islamic life more.

Masha allah.

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