When I work in hospital I have to consider the patient's feeling.I always talk to myself I won't be like to the others colleagues.Because they work there so long time they would respone to patient or their family with pettish speaking.But my father told it's impossible you keep your kind to patient forever.You would became like your colleague.Do you know the reason?Coz you get tired with your job.I knew it would be happend on me.Nobody could keep a good heart and care pateient without pettish emotion.

I try to care the patient and do my best.Let them gain more good health.But I always keep my high pressure with this job.Everybody is so selfish.Sometime I am the one of them.But only the first I have to consider it always.Just keep the patient's safe.I couldn't do anything wrong with them.Special make them get more weak.I knew like some NSP(Clinical Nurse Spcialist )didn't care the critical patient with siging DNR permit.They change his medicine order every five minute.How can the patient's body take those poison on that short time.

Please think about their life is controled by us.We have to safe their life not kill them.

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