When I do everything before I would consider what benefit I could get.I am so selfish I knew.When I conveted to muslim everything is changing subtlety.I try to learn controling my bad temper.I wouldn't get angry easlier but  I became like to cry special for unfair treating I met.Maybe I didn't want to do my good job.Just want to get a salary and save money.I knew I have to work hard.But I can't exchange my mind.I like to be a housewife and care my family only.I won't be worry about my life.no food no money,no house.

No way ~my angle tell me.....!

That's truth in my life.I have to accept those from allah giving.Everything just thanks for allah guiding.I'd work hard.Fight for my job and my life.I thought I don't want to be a nurse anymore after finishing my contract until Feburary.Maybe I didn't work longer on my  probation.So sad.But I knew I already do my best.I thought I had....but they thought I didn't do my good job.However I still stay in a emytiness world beside islamic one.How many years I have to spend?I didn't know.

Just pray for everyone.That's my job now.

Insha allah.

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