When I got high pressure I always listen this song"A is for allah" sang by Cat Stevens.(Islamic name is Yusuf Semi)He is a converted muslim like me.But we suffered dfferently in our life.I work hard and have a lot of complain to my job.I don't like my co-workers.Maybe I didn't have a good ability in this jon.The head leader said she didn't let me pass the probation even I already got my contract duplicate copy last month.So ridiculous!

Astafirullilah~I can't think about that.It's my fault.If I can do my good job.I won't keep those thinking in my mind.Whatever I metjust do my job.Thanks for allah guiding.I will pray for everybody.Let them know you are the graet one.Make me come down and consider more for islam.And make more Du'a for my muslim friends.That's the best way I could release my high pressure.

All is the test for allah.

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