Love will make us happy.What kind of  the love do you seek?Islamic life.!I could pray for five a day.I could wear on headscraf to work.I could live in Islamic community.There are islam school near my village even in my country.Everyday I fight for my hard job and save my own money.Just want to make my dream come true.When I ask some my muslim friends to join with me.They have alot of reason I can not accept.Nobody want to care about that.They are so selfish.They only focus if they have money to pay for bill and food.Even it's enough.Most of muslim think they just keep their good  "Iman"What are those good IMAN?Pray for five times a  day.Read more Qur'an.But they don't want to do something for others without requiting.

And me...I love to do all I can for them.But I need to safe my life first.I could have a stable job.So I can keep helping others.Eevrything just is decided by stable living.All in our life can be balanced with Islam.I won't care the money I earn.But everything just follow allah's guiding.All is a test for allah.No complain.

When I do everything first I say Bismillah.And thanks for allah guiding.I could hold my good islamic life in Chunan.Try to let everybody know.What is my love in Islam.

Insha allah.

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