Do you know there are few muslim in Taiwan country?Maybe you think it's not a country.But it's island near China.Almost 15000 to 20000 muslim peopel live in this place.I always query my belief was best or not.Why I put the question like that!Coz I saw most of descendant of muslim they didn't admit who they really are.

It's so ridiculous.I am NurLindhal,a converted one.Maybe my blood relationship is not pure than original one.But I firmly believe I can change my family or friends not to run away.Yesterday I search all the mosque in the world.Where had most of Majid?It's not the matter I want to know.I just want to find a pretty one I can draw my dream mosque in chunan.I try to save more money and make my dream coming true.

My grandma always push me saving more money and buy my own house.I agree with that suggestion but not for me!For allah...I can build a small and special mosque behind of chunan train station.I rather spend ten million NT dollars on this case.Make like a apartment.Most muslim can live and make some business near by mosque.When the pray time is they can pray without any solicitude.Everybody can feel real islamic life in Taiwan not a empty place.

So that's why I love the feeling in Long Gung mosque.I could spend my all time here even without any pay.I rather do that for creating more wonderful islamic life.Coz of my family I have to work in Chunan township.My father didn't realize why I converted.And he doesn't accept my headscraf.He try to ingore what I want to show him.I can do my best and let him assimilate into islamic life.

My best friend,Sister Maryem,lattefa.Aisha and Alliyah fight for their life just for Allah.I must prepare and gain more ability to fight for islamic life.But no kill no war.

Insha allah...Anything will be coming true.

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