I am so fool.I didn't know how to study well.I have to fight for my job.I need to study hard and get  more knowledge.And then I can do my good job.They try to insult me with those malevolence.I admitted I didn't work hard before.Start form yesterday I keep studying hard and review all I learned.

These two days I always think how to reach my goal as soon as possible.But I forgot it's impossible I could finish my job faster.I need to suffer all I didn't know.They said a new nurse always finish her job until 07.00pm to 08.00pm.So I have to follow like that.Review all the job I did make sure it's complete or not.I will be.I have to fight for my job.Let it become a routine in my work.

After work I nust study hard and gain more knowledge.Like my brother.That's good.Good habit I Made.Thanks for allah guiding~I will pray for everyone I meet.

Insha allah~

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