I often complain others' fault or their malevolence to me.After that quarrel with my father I try to treasure everytime we get along.I didn't release my hight pressure and bad temper after work.He always teaches me those ways of the world.I am too youndg.Almost the time I don't know how to have a good relationship with my  co-workers.I just want to finish all my job by myself and keep my point only.I didn't make a good friendship with them. It's so bad.But I couldn't improve that.i had worked for 5 years almost.Start from golden brother it can't be changed.I didn't attend these company tourism.I hated to go out with my co-workers after work.Maybe I can't trust them.So I always criticize my co-workers in a unfair way.My family try to remind me what my behavior is so ultra.Those extreme thinking are  not accepted  in society.It's not a big deal my father always talks to me.

But now I try to open my heart for them.Becuase I know I just a nurse working at surgery department. I need a friend there even they are Khair.They always push me to finish all the job before 03.00pm.Now I knew why they did.Because they hope me work on night shift.If I work on night shift I have to care for 18-20 persons a day.Nobody can help me I must work independent.No choice....maybe after one month or two monthes I have to work on night shift becuase my co-worker is pregnant.Maybe she will get married during those three monthes.When I got this news so bad I felt.I just get five rest days on February.How many rest days  I will get on March?Someone already arrange her wedding on March.How about another one special she get pregnant already?But I have to think about them first.Keep working hard and finish this such contract.

I hope I won't work there after one year.I believe I can't be a good nurse.Maybve I can travel to anywhere if I can.I love my dream making a mosque in my village of my life.eevryday I pray and pray for everybody. It not mean I didn't care myself.I just think I have to think about their situation first.And someday I can gain more good from them.So sad~I need to change my mind first.It's the world.I just follow allah guiding~

Insha allah

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