Everyday I consider what I can do for my life.Beside I am a muslim.Pray five times a day.Make more Du'a for others muslim friends and read Qur'an.What else?What I really need in my life.Ebven I queried myself if I had a good belief for Islam before.

My father told me"Because you thought you were scared those humdrum life.If you want to have your good life.you need to fight for that.Not always make your daydream."

I have to admit he's right.I dreamed all what I like not plan what I want.Like a fool dreamer here.Maybe I didn't like to face the truth in the world.Reality and dream are both of my nightmire.When I slept I could make the dream what I love.When I woke up I could saw the reality what I feared.

I asked myself what I really need.Maybe I didn't know.So ridiculous.No destination I work.Just take a little salary and complain all the misfortune to my family and friends.NurLindhal~ you said you relive!!Do you remenber what you said.Sure~I knew.Unfortunately I always fall down into the pass again and regret all I did again.Everyday I write my feeling in my blog.I record everything that happened on my life.When I get older I can reminisce my young.

Today I finished my RN(registered nurse) exam of Taiwan in Tiapei city.I thought if I couldn't pass the exam.I don't want to attend it  anymore.It look like I waste my money for those test. But I can't do that in my deep heat.Fortunately Five  years ago I pass the test of LVN(licensed vocation nurse).I didn't plan to work in hospital before.Because of the practice in Burn ICU of Chang Gung.The guide taugh me with a disdainful attitude.Let me scar all the job in hospital.Eevry step if I make the wrong it wouldl result a irretrievable mistake.What I face is the hunam not a table or machine.But now I step back and work in regional hospital again.

Maybe I need to consider why I like to spend time in vain and convey my resentment to my family.I talked about those malevolence words what my co-worker did to me.But I never care my small mistake would let they lost their job and kill a life.I hate myself why I realize all the true.They hope me with a serious attitude on my job.

Thanks for allah guiding.I have to pray ...... I gonna be clear.

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