Today when I finished my hard job I just want to go home as soon as possible.I can't stay there a noisy,terror place and .Who have a good heart for you.Everybody has but they try to speak it out with a lot of bad words.I admitted I don't like to be a nurse.So not have a good ability with my job.They TRY to communicate with me by such atrocity words to hurt you.

I treasured this job when I got this job.But I knew I wasn't the strongest they need.But they need the manpower that's why they hired me. I look like a old lady persued by those co-workers.I graduated from 2003.I didn't work in hospital for five years.I lost the best time to gain more experience.Last March in 2008 I chose to work in regional hospital.That's good practice I can learn more from this kind of hoispital.I don't need to pay another tuition per year.That's point I decided to work in Wei Gong again.

Whateve it's good or bad.I have to accept yup.This afternoon I yelled to my father because of those angry about such a good job.I don't wanna do that to him.I need some love form my family.But he didn't realize what I thrist for and yell to me as the same as me.I get crazy and wept at the same time.After that I run out of my house and called my brother.How I can't make me come down!So hard to work in hospital.One year contract I signed.I start to regret all I did.

But ...Maybe I will change my mind after few monthes.

Just thanks for allah SWT guiding.



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