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When I work in hospital I have to consider the patient's feeling.I always talk to myself I won't be like to the others colleagues.Because they work there so long time they would respone to patient or their family with pettish speaking.But my father told it's impossible you keep your kind to patient forever.You would became like your colleague.Do you know the reason?Coz you get tired with your job.I knew it would be happend on me.Nobody could keep a good heart and care pateient without pettish emotion.

I try to care the patient and do my best.Let them gain more good health.But I always keep my high pressure with this job.Everybody is so selfish.Sometime I am the one of them.But only the first I have to consider it always.Just keep the patient's safe.I couldn't do anything wrong with them.Special make them get more weak.I knew like some NSP(Clinical Nurse Spcialist )didn't care the critical patient with siging DNR permit.They change his medicine order every five minute.How can the patient's body take those poison on that short time.

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Miss someone will make people get sad But I am diffreent .I feel happiness for that.Coz of my bad temper I knew.I couldn't hurt others so I have to give up what I like.

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When I do everything before I would consider what benefit I could get.I am so selfish I knew.When I conveted to muslim everything is changing subtlety.I try to learn controling my bad temper.I wouldn't get angry easlier but  I became like to cry special for unfair treating I met.Maybe I didn't want to do my good job.Just want to get a salary and save money.I knew I have to work hard.But I can't exchange my mind.I like to be a housewife and care my family only.I won't be worry about my life.no food no money,no house.

No way ~my angle tell me.....!

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When I got high pressure I always listen this song"A is for allah" sang by Cat Stevens.(Islamic name is Yusuf Semi)He is a converted muslim like me.But we suffered dfferently in our life.I work hard and have a lot of complain to my job.I don't like my co-workers.Maybe I didn't have a good ability in this jon.The head leader said she didn't let me pass the probation even I already got my contract duplicate copy last month.So ridiculous!

Astafirullilah~I can't think about that.It's my fault.If I can do my good job.I won't keep those thinking in my mind.Whatever I metjust do my job.Thanks for allah guiding.I will pray for everybody.Let them know you are the graet one.Make me come down and consider more for islam.And make more Du'a for my muslim friends.That's the best way I could release my high pressure.

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Love will make us happy.What kind of  the love do you seek?Islamic life.!I could pray for five a day.I could wear on headscraf to work.I could live in Islamic community.There are islam school near my village even in my country.Everyday I fight for my hard job and save my own money.Just want to make my dream come true.When I ask some my muslim friends to join with me.They have alot of reason I can not accept.Nobody want to care about that.They are so selfish.They only focus if they have money to pay for bill and food.Even it's enough.Most of muslim think they just keep their good  "Iman"What are those good IMAN?Pray for five times a  day.Read more Qur'an.But they don't want to do something for others without requiting.

And me...I love to do all I can for them.But I need to safe my life first.I could have a stable job.So I can keep helping others.Eevrything just is decided by stable living.All in our life can be balanced with Islam.I won't care the money I earn.But everything just follow allah's guiding.All is a test for allah.No complain.

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"I love you."those words are expecting to hear from everybody.But they don't like to say easiler from you.But I mean it don't like a lover.It's different with that.The love is from the friendship and family.When I stay with my family and muslim friend I can feel that.That is the love I said.Love make us meet together.Love make us stay together.That's so great.Hope everybody will understand what the love is.You wouldn't query anything when you do for that.I will be the person because of Allah.

Thanks for allah guiding.

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Do you know there are few muslim in Taiwan country?Maybe you think it's not a country.But it's island near China.Almost 15000 to 20000 muslim peopel live in this place.I always query my belief was best or not.Why I put the question like that!Coz I saw most of descendant of muslim they didn't admit who they really are.

It's so ridiculous.I am NurLindhal,a converted one.Maybe my blood relationship is not pure than original one.But I firmly believe I can change my family or friends not to run away.Yesterday I search all the mosque in the world.Where had most of Majid?It's not the matter I want to know.I just want to find a pretty one I can draw my dream mosque in chunan.I try to save more money and make my dream coming true.

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I love to stay with my family.I like to nestle up to my family.So sweet.I always regret my pass.Yes,I am.I can not remove that.it was just revoloving in my mind.When I saw my father he has white hair and face full of wrinkle.I felt so shame why I didn't think about his feeing.Whatever why they are a muslim or Khair they are my dear family.It can't be changed.

Everyday I think about my life.I don't care my husband in future.I never consider that.Maybe I won't get married.I just want to stay with my family.I would feel alone when I get old.If I can't be a good wife and mother.Why I have to make my own family.

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I am so fool.I didn't know how to study well.I have to fight for my job.I need to study hard and get  more knowledge.And then I can do my good job.They try to insult me with those malevolence.I admitted I didn't work hard before.Start form yesterday I keep studying hard and review all I learned.

These two days I always think how to reach my goal as soon as possible.But I forgot it's impossible I could finish my job faster.I need to suffer all I didn't know.They said a new nurse always finish her job until 07.00pm to 08.00pm.So I have to follow like that.Review all the job I did make sure it's complete or not.I will be.I have to fight for my job.Let it become a routine in my work.

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I often complain others' fault or their malevolence to me.After that quarrel with my father I try to treasure everytime we get along.I didn't release my hight pressure and bad temper after work.He always teaches me those ways of the world.I am too youndg.Almost the time I don't know how to have a good relationship with my  co-workers.I just want to finish all my job by myself and keep my point only.I didn't make a good friendship with them. It's so bad.But I couldn't improve that.i had worked for 5 years almost.Start from golden brother it can't be changed.I didn't attend these company tourism.I hated to go out with my co-workers after work.Maybe I can't trust them.So I always criticize my co-workers in a unfair way.My family try to remind me what my behavior is so ultra.Those extreme thinking are  not accepted  in society.It's not a big deal my father always talks to me.

But now I try to open my heart for them.Becuase I know I just a nurse working at surgery department. I need a friend there even they are Khair.They always push me to finish all the job before 03.00pm.Now I knew why they did.Because they hope me work on night shift.If I work on night shift I have to care for 18-20 persons a day.Nobody can help me I must work independent.No choice....maybe after one month or two monthes I have to work on night shift becuase my co-worker is pregnant.Maybe she will get married during those three monthes.When I got this news so bad I felt.I just get five rest days on February.How many rest days  I will get on March?Someone already arrange her wedding on March.How about another one special she get pregnant already?But I have to think about them first.Keep working hard and finish this such contract.

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From: estelle1030@hotmail.com

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Everyday I consider what I can do for my life.Beside I am a muslim.Pray five times a day.Make more Du'a for others muslim friends and read Qur'an.What else?What I really need in my life.Ebven I queried myself if I had a good belief for Islam before.

My father told me"Because you thought you were scared those humdrum life.If you want to have your good life.you need to fight for that.Not always make your daydream."

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Today when I finished my hard job I just want to go home as soon as possible.I can't stay there a noisy,terror place and .Who have a good heart for you.Everybody has but they try to speak it out with a lot of bad words.I admitted I don't like to be a nurse.So not have a good ability with my job.They TRY to communicate with me by such atrocity words to hurt you.

I treasured this job when I got this job.But I knew I wasn't the strongest they need.But they need the manpower that's why they hired me. I look like a old lady persued by those co-workers.I graduated from 2003.I didn't work in hospital for five years.I lost the best time to gain more experience.Last March in 2008 I chose to work in regional hospital.That's good practice I can learn more from this kind of hoispital.I don't need to pay another tuition per year.That's point I decided to work in Wei Gong again.

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Khair and Muslim friends which one is better I can make a friend.

If I push them from our group.Maybe they will became a muslim someday.I could not refuse to make a friendship with them.Maybe our talking can transmit islam to them.That's true.I was a Khair before.How I can get more Islamic information.Just tramsmit by mulsim friends.Thanks for allah guiding.everybody could get some information from internet.But we must touch that with real people.Just like I said whatever it's good or bad.I have to accept it.I stood on the edge of them.I could know all the difficulty I suffered before.I confused my life what I really need.what my dream is.But now I have....

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